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Yuro is a stable cryptocurrency that allows investors to protect the value of their crypto assets. Yuro holds the value of your Ether preventing loss of funds when the market starts to drop.
Yuro’s smart contract allows anyone at any time to redeem Ethereum for Yuro tokens and vice versa.



The value of one Yuro token is derived from what one fiat Euro can purchase of a weighted basket of 5 major fiat currencies. Each currency in the Yuro basket is weighted according to the average GDP of its country spanning over a decade.

Decentralized Reserve

Yuro’s smart contract provides a convenient, transparent and secure medium for YRX ↔ ETH transactions. It also acts as a 100% reserve, meaning Yuro (YRX) holders always get back 100% of their Ether when redeeming their tokens for Ethereum, regardless of crypto market conditions.


Concept Created / Market Research

Q4 2017

Initial Development of YURO

Q1 – Q2 2018

Fully Developed and tested Prototype

Q3 2018

Yuro Wallet Launch

Q1 2019

Yuro Web & Mobile App Launch

Q3 2019

Meet The Team

Advisory Board

Ethereum Technology
Crypto Market Problem
Solution - YURO
Ethereum is the second largest crypto currency by market cap with a value exceeding $60 Billion. Yuro’s smart contract is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Yuro implements the ERC 20 standard meaning Ethereum users can use their existing wallets to store/transfer/redeem Yuro. Yuro aims to be the de facto reserve and stable crypto currency for Ethereum giving it access to the entire Ethereum market.
Crypto assets are extremely volatile. This extreme volatility makes it difficult for any crypto asset to function as a digital currency. This volatility has been evidenced by the recent crash of the entire market which caused a drop of more than $500 Billion in less than a quarter. During this recent crash there was no sufficient stable crypto currency so the money left decreasing overall confidence in crypto assets.
Yuro is designed to solve that problem. The value of one Yuro token is derived from what one Euro can purchase of a weighted basket of 5 major currencies. Over $5 Trillion of Forex is traded every single day. This high liquidity leads to low volatility. By deriving the value from 5 major currencies Yuro’s value is designed to be extremely stable. This weighted average is also likely to outperform one single currency.

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